L’Afrique Verte offers the perfect balance between luxury, comfort and truly sustainable living.


Our suggested house types are designed with an emphasis on eco-friendly, sustainable living, the 32 individually customisable units incorporate a blend of contemporary architecture and the original Cape Dutch style of the area.

Design Your Sustainable Home

  • Locally sourced, low energy manufactured building materials cuts down on energy consumption and environmental impact.
  • Eco-friendly construction technique greatly minimises carbon footprint.
  • Energy efficient materials and insulation such as double glazing on doors and windows.
  • Sophisticated grey water and rain water collection tanks, ensures efficient water usage.
  • Recycling facilities are provided, to encourage a minimal waste lifestyle.
  • The option of PV panels with energy storage and intelligent energy management systems, is available on request, to provide most of the household power needs.
  • Top rated energy efficient appliances and inverter air conditioning systems are provided for each home.